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Latest Data Available for Plots:
MFI: 06-16-2024
SWE: 06-21-2024

SPDF Data Holdings:
MFI SWE Ephemeris

Output Option:Create ASCII File Plot

Date:   The date may be entered in either Day of Year (YYYYDOY) or Year Month Day (YYYYMMDD) format

Start Date:        Start Time: (HHMMSS)  
  End Date:         End Time: (HHMMSS)  

Coordinate System: GSE GSM

MFI Time Resolution: 3 second 1 minute 1 hour
These resolution choices apply if MFI parameters (the first 6 parameters) are plotted only.
If plasma parameters are plotted then MFI data is averaged to match the 92 second resolution of the Solar Wind Experiment (SWE) instrument.


Magnetic Field (MFI Data)
Magnitude - B (nT)
X component of the magnetic field - Bx (nT)
Y component of the magnetic field - By (nT)
Z component of the magnetic field - Bz (nT)
Elevation Angle - Theta (degrees)
Azimuthal Angle - Phi (degrees)

Thermal Plasma (SWE Data)
Magnitude of Velocity - V (km/s)
X component of the velocity - Vx (km/s)
Y component of the velocity - Vy (km/s)
Z component of the velocity - Vz (km/s)
Elevation angle of solar wind bulk velocity - Vtheta (degrees)
Azimuthal angle of the solar wind bulk velocity - Vphi (degrees)
Proton number density - Np (cm^-3)
Proton thermal speed - Vth (km/s)

Computed Parameters from Field and/or Plasma
Solar Wind Ram Pressure - Psw (nPa)
Magnetic Field Pressure - Pb (nPa)
Solar Wind Thermal Pressure - Pth (nPa)
Solar Wind Proton Beta
Alfven Velocity - Va (km/s)
Alfven Mach Number - Ma
Magnetosonic Mach Number - Mms
Akasofu Epsilon Parameter - (10^11 W)

DSCOVR Availability
MAG: 06/08/2015 - 04/28/2024
FC: 06/03/2016 - 06/27/2019

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