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IMP-8 Magnetometer Experiment

IMP-8 Magnetometer Experiment


IMP-8 (IMP-J) was launched by NASA on October 26, 1973 to measure the magnetic fields, plasmas, and energetic charged particles (e.g., cosmic rays) of the Earth's magnetotail and magnetosheath and of the near-Earth solar wind.

IMP-8, the last of ten IMP (Interplanetary Monitoring Platform) or AIMP (Anchored-IMP) spacecraft launched in 10 years, operated until October 7, 2006, in a near-circular, 35 Earth Radii, 12-day orbit. It was an important adjunct to the International Solar Terrestrial Physics program, provided in-ecliptic, one Astronomical Unit baseline data for the deep space Pioneer, Voyager and Ulysses missions, and built a long-timeseries database useful in understanding long-term solar processes.

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