Loadcdf Software

Software description for loadcdf.pro:

loadcdf.pro: Main program to load CDF variables into the IDL environment
marray.pro: Required by loadcdf
t3array.pro: Program to adjust WIND MFI 3 second data arrays

Example: IDL> loadcdf,'wi_sp_mfi_19950101_v02','BF1',f1
IDL> help,f1
f1 float (1440)

Example: IDL> loadcdf,'wi_sp_mfi_19950101_v02','B3GSE',gse
IDL> help,gse
gse float (1440,3,20)
IDL> gse = t3array(gse)
IDL> help,gse
gse float (28800,3)

Download the lastest version loadcdf.pro
Download the lastest version marray.pro
Download the lastest version t3array.pro

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