ISTP catalog of preliminary solar wind events

M. Peredo, D. Berdichevsky, S. Boardson, R. Lepping, and J. Byrnes

Hughes STX Corporation, Greenbelt, MD (at ISTP/SPOF)


The ISTP Science Planning and Operations Facility, in collaboration with ISTP investigators, is developing a catalog of preliminary, solar wind events.

Information is included on selected features of the solar wind identified from WIND and IMP-8 plasma and magnetic field measurements in the form of Key Parameters (preliminary data at ~1 min time resolution produced quickly for survey purposes); as such, the catalog should not be used as a definitive sours in formal scientific work. Researchers using the catalog should reference its contents with statements such as: The event from "Feb 26, 1995" has been identified as a candidate "Sector Boundary Crossing" worth of further study.

Proceedings of Solar Wind Eight, p. 570, 1996